Monday, August 17, 2015

Recovery day 4

Andrew is off at Cole! It's his program's adult bonding summer camp thing. It sounds like he is having a terrific time and meeting some great people. I'm impressed with the sort of student resources they pump into the program. We talked during free time after one of his dinner sessions and he found a frog while he was walking outside.

Today was a bit more challenging as recovery days go. I was able to hold down more substantial food, which was nice, but my pain levels were definitely higher. I'm trying to reduce the amount of pain meds I'm taking during the day and it's a little challenging. I did take a shower today!! Woohoo! It kicked my butt. But I appreciate being clean and sedentary over a bit stinky and sedentary.

I also watched Harry Met Sally for the first time today. Good stuff!

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